Certified Dietary Manager

July 10, 2017

Company Name:
Wathena Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

Title of Position:
Certified Dietary Manager

POSITION SUMMARY: The Director of Dining Services or DDS is responsible for the overall food service function. He/she plans, develops, organizes, implements, evaluates and supervises activities of the department to provide services for residents/patients, employees and visitors. He/She provides technical guidance and administrative direction to the Food and Nutrition Services personnel. RESPONSIBILITIES/ACCOUNTABILITIES: 1. Puts customer service first. Ensures that residents/patients and families receive the highest quality of service in an attentive and responsive atmosphere which recognizes the individuals' needs and rights. Maintains resident/patient confidentiality; 2. Assures menus, recipes and menu systems are followed to prepare meals, snacks and nourishments in accordance to prescribed resident/patient diets and requests; 3. Oversees the timely and accurate preparation and service of meals, snacks and nourishments in various dining locations and times. Ensures satisfaction with meals/foods served; 4. Plans and oversees the execution of special events, celebrations, marketing events and other food related Center functions to meet resident/patient, Center and employee requests; 5. Interviews and hires personnel in accordance with department budget and Company hiring policies and procedures. Orients, trains and develops personnel to maintain a high level of performance; 6. Reviews and evaluates the work performance of the department personnel as well as counsels/disciplines personnel according to established Company personnel policies; 7. Provides direct and indirect supervision of the Food and Nutrition Services personnel. Schedules personnel to meet the needs of the department and Center; 8. Adheres to Food and Nutrition Services and Center policies and procedures; 9. Adheres to all sanitary and food safety regulations governing the handling and serving food. Maintains the department in regulatory compliance; 10. Performs quality improvement functions including audits, interviews and rounds with residents/patients, department personnel and co-workers. Identifies opportunities for improved customer service, food production, dining program enhancements, etc.; 11. Maintains accurate records and reports including financial, payroll, quality, sanitation, safety and all other required documents; 12. Reviews and documents resident/patient nutritional status as requested. Implements food related nutrition interventions; 13. Actively utilizes problem solving and critical thinking skills to improve food service program; 14. Works with members of the Area’s Food & Nutrition Services team and Center Dietitian to ensure that the Center’s food and nutrition operations meet all Company and industry standards; 15. Serves as a collaborative member of the Center management team and supports the practices that focus on improving clinical, customer, personnel and business excellence; 16. Concerns his/herself with the safety of all Center residents/patients in order to minimize the potential for fire and accidents. Also, ensures that the Center adheres to the legal, safety, health, fire and sanitation codes, by being familiar with his/her role in carrying out the Center's fire, safety and disaster plans and by being familiar with current MSDS; 17. Performs other duties as requested. COMPLIANCE: 1. Complies with and promotes adherence to applicable legal requirements, standards, policies and procedures including but not limited those within the Compliance and Ethics Program, Standard/Code of Conduct, Federal False Claims Act and HIPAA. 2. Provides leadership and support for the Compliance and Ethics Program within management area. 3. Ensures timely and accurate reporting and responses to compliance-related issues and monitors the implementation of corrective action plans related to such issues. 4. Ensures that staff participates in orientation and training programs including but not limited to all required compliance courses and relevant policies and procedures, and that such training is properly documented. Participates in compliance and other required training programs. 5. Provides open lines of communication regarding compliance issues within management area and access to the Integrity Line and ensures that retaliation against staff who report suspected incidences of non-compliance does not occur. Promptly reports concerns and suspected incidences of non-compliance to supervisor, Compliance Liaison or to the Compliance Officer via the Integrity Hotline. 6. Participates in monitoring and auditing activities and investigations, and implementing quality assurance and performance improvement processes, as required. 7. Completes performance reviews and determines compensation and promotions based on the accomplishment of established standards that promote adherence to compliance and quality standards. SPECIFIC EDUCATIONAL/VOCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: 1. This position requires that the employee is able to read, write, speak and understand the spoken English language to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients and visitors at the work site when responding to their medical and physical needs. 2. High school education or equivalent required. 3. Associates or bachelor’s degree in food service management, culinary arts, hospitality or nutrition preferred. 4. Experience in commercial/volume food service management required. 5. Serve Safe and other certifications in accordance with regulatory agencies governing the Center required. 6. Must provide verification of TST (tuberculin skin test) as required by state law and in accordance with Company policy. TSTs will be administered at the work site if required.

Name of Contact:
Angie Neumann

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