Daytime Personal Care Assistant (7am – 3pm)

May 18, 2018

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Daytime Personal Care Assistant (7am - 3pm)

Job Summary • Provides personal care services and companion services according to a written Plan of Care. • Every other weekend mandatory. Home health or personal care aides, also known as caregivers, give assistance to people who are sick, injured, physically disabled, or the elderly and fragile. Caregivers work in the home and help their clients with activities of daily living, such as bathing and bathroom functions, feeding, grooming, taking medication, and housework, to name a few. Caregivers help clients make and keep appointments with doctors, provide or arrange transportation and serve as a companion for their clients. Caregivers must maintain open communication between families and administration staff regarding client's medical and emotional condition. Caregivers document and report any changes in client's health status, as well as ensure client safety and well-be. Essential Functions Commitment to Freudenthal Home Health, LLC's mission of helping seniors live a full life at home. Provides personal care services and assists in activities of daily living (ADL) including, but not limited to, personal hygiene (bathing, showering, shaving, etc.), eating, dressing and ambulation. Performs general household duties essential to health care at home. Gets approval from Executive Director to perform other services not listed above. Observes, records and reports any significant changes in client's condition to the Executive Director. Performs other related duties as directed by Executive Director. Other job duties may include, but are not limited to: Planning and preparing meals, shopping, providing transportation, reminding client to take medications, delivering pre-setup medications, assisting with walking, letter writing and correspondence, taking out garbage, changing linens, helping with clothing selection, maintaining client calendar, discussing current events, playing games, caring for house plants, participating in crafts, assisting with pet care, laundry and ironing, making beds, dropping off and picking up dry cleaning, overseeing home deliveries, supervising home maintenance, general housekeeping, monitoring food expirations, etc. Responsibilities and Duties *Requirements Detail Oriented: Some clients have specific rules or schedules that must be minded, or specific rules that must be followed. People Skills: Caregivers work in a very personal way with their clients. Some will be in pain or very sensitive to their fragility. Caregivers must be sensitive and compassionate with clients. Schedule Driven: Caregivers are schedule keepers. Caregivers have to be there to make sure clients get up on time, make sure medication is taken on schedule and clients get to appointments on time. Responsibility: Caregivers are trusted to provide the best care they can to their clients. In many instances, a client's well being and life may depend on their caregiver. It is for that reason that caregivers must be able to be trusted and must constantly demonstrate that they are capable, and responsible people. Throughout the duration of employment with Freudenthal Home Health, LLC, the Personal Care Assistant must meet the full job description as stated. If at any time during employment, you do not meet the full job description; your status may be changed to inactive until a physician's release is turned into the office. Must have: A valid driver’s license & proof of auto insurance. Qualifications and Skills Age: Eighteen (18) years of age or older. Experience: Six (6) months paid experience as agency homemaker, health aide, maid or household worker, or at least one year experience, paid or unpaid, in caring for sick or aged individuals; or current enrollment in a nursing program or nurse aide training. Abilities: Ability to read, write, follow directions and perform duties with minimum supervision. Ability to show respect, kindness, and genuine concern 100% of the time toward clients, families and coworkers. Provision of reliable transportation/insurance and a working telephone as required by nature of position. Requires at least two weekend availability per month. Certifications: (If you have these certifications it is a plus, if you do not have them, we can set up training for you) CNA, First Aid & CPR, Level 1 Med-Aide. Physical/ Environmental Factors: Position performed without physical assistance from another caregiver. Requires ability to lift, carry; push and or pull up to 50 pounds frequently and may require push or pull in excess of 100 pounds. Also requires frequent bending and stooping. Adequate vision and manual dexterity so that performance of tasks will not pose a threat to the health and safety of client or others.

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