Employee Relations Manager

January 11, 2019

Company Name:
Specialty Industries of St Joseph

Title of Position:
Employee Relations Manager

Position: Employee Relations Manager Reports to: President/CEO This is an exempt, salary position Overview: The Employee Relation Manager is responsible for hiring new production employees. They will monitor our employees needs and intervene as needed to provide for the best possible environment for the individuals with disabilities that our mission serves. This person is responsible for leading various programming events at SI. Responsible for: Addressing any reported behavior problems. Log daily incidents, phone conversations, training - etc. Provide one-on-one on the job instruction, when needed. Supervise the production line, when needed. Address employee(s)' work related and/or personal concerns and make appropriate referrals. Calculate production percentages and post production percentage, hourly wage and total wage twice monthly (1st and 16th). Provide quarterly report on each employee to the President/CEO. Attend Personal Plans, when requested, providing input to best benefit the production employee. Serve as a liaison between parents and Specialty Industries. Serve as an advocate for production employees (with referral agencies, social service agencies - etc.). Provide information to concerned providers ie: Dept. of Family Services, Family Guidance, V.R., etc. Obtain proper release documentation. With the production manager, initiate and/or implement appropriate job and/or safety instruction during down time. Submit written monthly report to Board of Directors. Submit monthly down time report to Board of Directors. Submit year end Employee Relations Manager Report for Annual Report. Maintain updated standard book. Provide “Job Hazard Analysis” on all standards to require PPE. CPR certification necessary immediately upon employment, and continued recertification will be required. Attend seminars that would further advance ability to meet needs of our production employees and Specialty Industries. Attend P.C.S. Board Meetings as requested. Interview and make recommendations to President/CEO on potential production employees. Promote and expand positive public relations of our organization. All regular H.R. duties along with the extra requirements for our employees Assist as assigned in emergency procedures The ERM is part of the Management team and will be expected to be a part of Management meetings at various times. He/she will be expected to familiarize themselves with the overall status of Specialty Industries, Sheltered Employment in general and issues and community needs and concerns that affect our employees and their abilities to come to work and be productive for themselves and SI. Occasionally the ERM will attend seminars out of town requiring overnight stays. The ERM works independently and will make decisions on behalf of SI. The ERM must be prepared to develop and initiate programs that provide for the vision and values of SI. Qualifications (Education, Skills, Abilities): Preferred Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Human Resources or related area. Minimum of 5 years’ experience in similar position. Computer proficiency in document filing, Microsoft products and proper email communication. Ability to manage multiple projects. Must possess good communication skills, both oral and written. Strong interpersonal skills required. Able to meet outlined objectives. Physical Requirements Must be able to lift 50lbs on a regular basis. Bending, lifting and stacking of product boxes of varying weights. This job does require you to be on your feet all day. This job is physically strenuous. Please submit resumes with a cover letter to: Paul@Specialty-Industries.com

Name of Contact:
Paul Bridenstine

Email Address of Contact: