Head Start Education Specialist

March 8, 2017

Company Name:
Community Action Partnership of Greater St. Joseph

Title of Position:
Education Specialist

POSITION SUMMARY Functions as the program coach providing services to program Educational Staff. Provides a research-based coaching strategy for all Educational Staff on an ongoing basis under the guidance of the Education Coordinator. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS OF THE POSITION 1. Completes Program Quality Assessment and other classroom assessments on classrooms to identify teaching staff to assess and identify areas of strength, areas of support. As well as identify classrooms for intensive coaching. 2. Work with Education Coordinator and program staff to develop performance goals, and a process for achieving goals. 3. Provides opportunities for intensive coaching for education staff including opportunities to be observed and receive feedback and modeling directly related to program performance goals. 4. Provide opportunities for education staff not identified for intensive coaching to receive other forms of professional development in coordination with the Education Coordinator and the Training Specialist. 5. Ensure all coaching opportunities align with programs school readiness goals, and Head Start Early Learning Framework. 6. Provide ongoing communication between program director, education coordinator, and education staff on progress towards meeting both programmatic goals as well as individual performance goals. 7. All other duties as assigned.

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Name of Contact:
Daniel A. Nowalk

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Job Posting Expires:
March 31, 2017