Marketing and Projects Manager

July 19, 2018

Company Name:
Specialty Industries

Title of Position:
Marketing and Projects Manager

Position: Marketing and Projects Manager Reports to: President/CEO Position: Salary / Exempt Overview: The Marketing and Projects Manager is responsible for entering project agreements with our customers. They are responsible for seeking and securing projects appropriate for our employees. The MPM is responsible for initiating and putting in place marketing materials appropriate to our customer base as well as our employee base. The MPM will represent SI through various means as appointed by the President. The MPM is responsible for directing social media and various means of electronic advertising and marketing. The MPM is responsible for Board reporting. This MPM will spend time “after hours” time to attend social/business events Responsible for: Procuring projects appropriate for our employee’s abilities. Submit written bids to customers. Assist standards supervisor to conduct time studies in accordance with state regulations to arrive at a proper labor bid and prepare a “Job Standard” for production. After a project is secured, the MPM will provide customer maintenance and act as a liaison outside of production orders and maintain a job contract file. Work with the President/CEO in marketing and developing new services and implementing a long-term sales plan. The MPM will work with the Employee Relations Manager to appropriately market the opportunities at SI to individuals who have proven that they need our services to help them be employed The MPM will attend seminars that would further advance our ability to meet the needs of our production employees and Specialty Industries. Attend Chamber of Commerce functions, Expo's, conventions…etc. for the promotion of SI. Join and actively participate in a community service club (i.e.: Rotary, Lions, etc.). Attend Public Relations/Marketing Committee meetings. Much of our marketing to potential employees will involve various types of social media, video media and some print media. The MPM will create and guide those media outlets to promote SI MPM will submit a written monthly customer report to the Board of Directors. Maintain updated standard book. Submit year end Marketing Report for Annual Report. There will be other reports and customer stats to maintain. Other duties as assigned by the President/CEO Assist as assigned in emergency procedures The MPM is part of the Management team and will be expected to be a part of Management meetings. He/she will be expected to familiarize themselves with the overall status of Specialty Industries, Sheltered Employment in general and issues and community needs and concerns that affect our employees and their abilities to come to work and be productive for themselves and SI. Occasionally the MPM will attend seminars out of town requiring overnight stays. Be C.P.R. Certified. Certification necessary immediately upon employment, and continued recertification will be required. Qualifications (Education, Skills, Abilities): Preferred Bachelor’s Degree Business or related field Minimum of 5 years’ experience in similar position. Computer proficiency in document filing, Microsoft products and proper email communication. Ability to manage multiple projects. Must possess effective communication skills, both oral and written and on different platforms including social media. Strong interpersonal skills required. Able to meet outlined objectives. Physical Requirements The job is primarily administrative and does not require a great deal of physical activity. Occasional bending, lifting and stacking of product boxes of varying weights up to 30 lbs.

Name of Contact:
Paul Bridenstine

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