Production Technician

February 12, 2018

Company Name:
DuPont Nutrition and Health

Title of Position:

1. Able to read and understand computer generated batch reports and follow packaging specifications. 2. Able to distinguish product names, resource numbers, lot numbers and warehouse locations. 3. Verify batch weights and quantities through mathematical calculations. 4. Understand and follow Good Manufacturing Practices for the care, handling and storage of food products; and report any known or observed violations to management. 5. Operate a forklift in a safe manner. Must understand and follow all safety procedures. 6. Able to lift up to and including 55.1 pound packages in a safe manner. 7. Able to mathematically and accurately break down material for "piece weight" purposes. 8. Operate weight scales ensuring measuring accuracy to +/-.3 of a pound. 9. Must possess and exhibit organizational skills to properly stage the batch ingredients and/or packaging materials into one condensed area. 10. Properly and accurately sign off for raw materials retrieved, checking for foreign materials, rework generated, finished product produced, date and time completed on computer generated batch reports. 11. Properly and accurately check all batch ingredients and packaging materials against a computer generated batch report. 12. Must possess and exhibit good verbal communication skills to communicate with all departments and coworkers to alert management of problems or needs to ensure proper continuous operations. 13. Proper opening, cleaning and dumping of materials into equipment. 14. Must understand and follow procedures of the department for the proper use of the department's equipment. 15. Able to accurately and efficiently operate packaging equipment to +/-.3 of a pound. 16. Must understand and follow procedures for pulling retain samples and/or Q.C. samples as noted on batch report with placement in designated boxes. 17. Ability to place finished product and rework in their designated place as requested by warehouse people, noting on batch report the location. 18. Must possess knowledge of all raw materials to ensure against foreign contamination or unusual physical qualities. 19. Utilize HACCP philosophy and procedures in everyday work routine. 20. Must understand and follow all plant policies concerning safety/emergency, conduct, maintenance, sanitation and current procedures designed for the department. 21. Must understand and follow all procedures regarding the cleaning of magnets and making sure the metal checks are checked at the beginning, middle, and end of each shift. 22. Accurately and efficiently build and/or pull batches in Blend Areas 1-2-3-4-5-6. 23. Accurately take physical inventory counts of all raw materials, packaging and finished goods.

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David Potter

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