Animal Health & Nutrition

“This is about a $100 million investment. It’s the single biggest investment of ours in 10 years. We’re absolutely confident this is the best place to invest our money.” – Dr. Joachim Hasenmaier, global head of animal health for Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. , addressing crowd at BIVI expansion and groundbreaking in St. Joseph


A $19 Billion Industry, with St. Joseph at Its Center:

Animal Health and Nutrition is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it’s positioned right here with St. Joseph, Mo., as its center. Nearly half of the 10 largest global animal health companies are located in the KC Animal Health Corridor – including Nestle Purina and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Collaborate with the Best Minds from Four of the 10 Global Animal Health Leaders

With a progressive spirit of collaboration toward the strongest technological advancements and the best learning opportunities in animal health, the best minds in animal health and nutrition live and work in the renowned KC Animal Health Corridor, stretching from Columbia, Mo., to Manhattan, Kan., right through St. Joseph. These animal health and nutrition companies represent one third of the $19 billion global industry sales, and account for a total of 70 global or U.S. headquarters for industry companies.


The Agricultural Research Triangle: The Center of Animal Health Innovation

In the heart of the Midwest’s Agricultural Research Triangle is St. Joseph, collaborating and sharing research knowledge in animal health across multiple universities and institutions. This triangle stretches from Kansas State University to the University of Missouri, Columbia, and up to the University of Nebraska. The region’s long history of livestock production has paved the way for a modern, highly-concentrated center for the animal health and nutrition industry.

As a demonstration of St. Joseph’s vital role in the KC Animal Health Corridor, Missouri Western State University, located in the heart of St Joseph, is home to the Kit Bond Science and Technology Incubator, a dynamic multi-million dollar partnership of public and private enterprise dedicated to helping new bioscience companies launch successfully. Regionally, there are a total of eight technology incubators, building an environment of shared animal health and agricultural expertise like nowhere else in the world.

Leaders in St. Joseph’s Animal Health & Nutrition Industry Include:


Agri Laboratories Ltd
Agri Labs is a national distributor of animal health products. The company was founded in 1984 and has 37 employees.


Boehringer Ingelheim 
With a local workforce of more than 1,000 and founded in St. Joseph in 1917 as Anchor Serum, the company now ranks among the top animal health product manufacturers in the United States and is part of the BI global animal health business. The company has advanced research and development facilities, warehousing as well as manufacturing. BI continues to expand in St. Joseph.


Land O’Lakes/Purina Mills, Inc.
The Purina Mills of today offers hundreds of nutritional products for horses, cattle, goats, swine, poultry, rabbits, game animals, exotics and more. Sold through an extensive network of independent dealers and farm and fleet retailers, there is a great chance that you’re never far away from a dealer. In 2001, Purina Mills was purchased by Land O’Lakes, Inc., out of Minneapolis, Minn. The St. Joseph facility manufactures livestock feeds.


Nestle Purina Petcare: St. Joseph R&D Global Headquarters
This leader in the pet products industry has two facilities in St. Joseph. The Product Technology Center (PTC) was built in 1990 and encompasses a 134-acre campus, serving as the global headquarters for R&D for Friskies brand cat and dog food. Research results are applied to production of their pet food products around the world. In addition to the animal research section of the center, the facility also includes a pilot production plant. Collectively, the two facilities employ nearly 250 workers.


Star Labs
Star Labs is the developer, manufacturer and distributor of Primalac direct-fed microbials. The company was established in the St. Joseph area in 1974 and is a pioneer in producing beneficial microbial cultures for a global market.


Biozyme is an innovative company in the fields of animal nutrition and microbiology, producing nutrition products for the global animal supplement industry. The company’s corporate headquarters and Vita Ferm manufacturing plant are both located in St. Joseph, where the company originated in 1945.


Ameri-Pac is an animal nutritional specialty and veterinary supply company that manufactures private label and custom products in lines that include powders, liquids, tablets and boluses. Ameri-Pac’s diverse packaging capabilities allow it to produce quantities from 2 ounces to metric ton totes to bulk truckloads.


Vedco is a wholesale veterinary distributor, originating in St. Joseph due to its strong animal pharmaceutical manufacturing base. Today, Vedco serves veterinary clinicians through a network of 26 distributor locations nationwide.


Clipper Distributing
This company specializes in generic veterinary products for pets and large animals. Clipper connects people and highly-valued supplies quickly to destinations, particularly in the animal health field.


U.S. Animal Health Association: St. Joseph is the headquarters for the U.S. Animal Health Association, a science-based organization with more than 1,400 members globally and a century-long history. The non-profit organization represents university affiliates, national organizations, multiple levels of government and livestock producers, as well as researchers who work to control livestock diseases in the U.S.


American Angus Association
Headquartered in St. Joseph, the American Angus Association (founded in 1883) records more cattle each year than any other beef-breed association, making it the largest beef-breed registry association in the world. The headquarters include offices for Angus Productions Inc., which publishes the Angus Journal and the Angus Beef Bulletin.


BHJ USA, LLC. is specialized in collecting, processing and distributing fresh and frozen meat and fish products for the pet food, pharmaceutical, and feed industries. It finds the right home for all animal protein raw materials.