Back Office Business Cluster: Powered for Growth


St. Joseph’s Back Office Technology Powers Global Business

Global power toward processes including information technology and telecommunications is reflected in the dynamic St. Joseph, Mo., back office business cluster. As a city in the hub of integrated data center networks, St. Joseph’s service to the financial, insurance and direct marketing industries creates site availability with an ultra-reliable, top-performing infrastructure.


Back Office Industry Leaders in St. Joseph Include:


USA 800
Representing the largest employee-owned call center in America, USA 800 expanded its operations in the city in 2008. Using AT&T’s Route-It platform, USA 800 has the ability to handle after hours, overflow, and peak volume call flows across all three centers and never transfers any calls overseas.


System Services Technologies, Inc. (SST)
SST is a national leader in back office technology and has its corporate headquarters in St. Joseph, providing contact center service, loan portfolio service, financial service and insurance capabilities. The center employs more than 300 people in St. Joseph and is the nation’s leading third-party servicer, with boarded and serviced receivables with original balances of $26 billion.


Power Supply and Telecommunications Focused on Success
St. Joseph’s central location – just 35 minutes north of Kansas City’s International Airport – and powerful telecommunications and energy resources create the perfect environment for back office operations that need fast, reliable data services. Due to the city’s perfect regional position in the Midwest, a blend of wind power, coal, natural gas and hydroelectric power keeps a balanced mix built around energy reduction and reliability, while energy industry leaders continue to expand this diverse base.

The city’s telecommunications resources are affordable and robust, essential to business growth. St. Joseph is serviced by local telephone providers AT&T and Suddenlink. Both AT&T and Suddenlink offer services to both the public and businesses, including television, Internet, phone service and security. Major long distance carriers, such as MCI and AT&T, maintain points of presence in St. Joseph.


Utilities at Lower Rates, Plus Incentive Programs
St. Joseph’s electrical utilities are extremely competitive with other areas of the country. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, KCP&L provides electrical service to St. Joseph and ranks among the largest wholesale marketers of electricity and natural gas in North America.

Regional users have seen rate increases in the minimal to low range for nearly the past three decades – providing significant savings over 80 percent rate increases in eastern regions. Several incentive programs are available to new and expanding businesses and commercial customers with high energy demands. KCP&L’s Reliability Solutions program helps correct electrical system challenges ahead of time and creates remarkable reliability.

KCP&L consistently ranks among the nation’s leaders for uninterrupted electric service, continuing to earn high satisfaction rates in professional surveys. Reflecting the region’s commitment to business growth, the company strives to enhance its delivery system within the Southwest Power Pool and serves as a corporate leader while providing power to 80 percent of the region. KCP&L has the ability to provide a redundant power source at many St. Joseph locations. In addition, a substation slated for the new state-of-the-art Eastowne Business Park will allow for dual-feed capability from two separate substations and a source on site at the business park.