Logistics & Warehousing


Boosting Business Efficiency, in the Perfect Central Location

Saving time and saving money. That’s the guiding force for St. Joseph’s logistics, warehousing and distribution business cluster. The city’s prime location – just 35 minutes from Kansas City International Airport and at the crossroads of two major interstate highways – helps businesses save time and costs on transportation and logistics.

Like No Where Else: St. Joseph Abounds in Transportation Resources

St. Joseph’s unique central location puts companies with 500 miles of 44 percent of the total U.S. manufacturing establishments and 200 miles within the nation’s population center.

  • Interstate 29, a major north-south interstate, runs through St. Joseph, providing a corridor from Canada to Mexico.
  • Northern Missouri’s primary east-west thoroughfare, U.S. Highway 36, intersects with I-29 in St. Joseph. U.S. Highway 36 is four lanes across Missouri and provides a direct route from Ohio to Colorado.
  • Also intersecting in St. Joseph is U.S. Highway 71, extending from the Canadian border to Shreveport, La

Less than 45 Minutes Away From Additional Major Interstate Routes

  • Within 30 minutes, access to I-435: Along I-435, you’ll find connection points to almost every interstate highway in the Kansas City region.
  • Within 35 minutes, access to I-35: Major junctions along I-35 include San Antonio, Dallas, Kansas City and Minneapolis.
  • Within 45 minutes, access to I-70: I-70 is one of the nation’s most traveled interstates, spanning from Utah to Maryland.

The city also offers a multi-modal port with both rail and barge access.

Additional Highlights of St. Joseph Logistics and Warehousing Business Resources:


  • Available Space: The new state-of-the-art Eastowne Business Park offers 350 acres of mixed office and industrial development, including light manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, including sites from 6 to 18 acres (and larger) with redundant electrical services. The Stockyards Industrial Business Park offers rail sites and port access. The site has been revitalized and offers zoned M-2 heavy industrial sites. Sites are also available at the city’s Mitchell Woods Business Park.
  • Low-Cost Utilities: St. Joseph’s electrical utilities are extremely competitive with other areas of the country. KCP&L, for example, provides electrical service to St. Joseph and ranks among the largest wholesale marketers of electricity and natural gas in North America. Regional users have seen rate increases hovering around just10 percent for nearly the past three decades – providing significant savings over 80 percent rate increases in eastern regions.


St. Joseph Logistics and Warehousing Leaders Include:


BMS Logistics, Inc.
Offering food-grade commercial warehousing, contract packaging, fulfillment and transportation, the BMS location in St. Joseph has more than 225,000 square feet. A second location, just 10 minutes from St. Joseph by U.S. Highway 36, offers an additional 170,000 square feet.


Brown Transfer & Storage
With 137 years of logistics service to St. Joseph, Brown Transfer and Storage are logistical and warehousing experts. Brown is the largest warehousing and distribution company in Northwest Missouri, offering more than 750,000 square feet of commercial warehousing space, including a new location at St. Joseph’s Mitchell Woods Industrial Park. This new addition is food grade standard, temperature controlled and built for 136,000 square feet of space.


Pony Express Warehousing
Pony Express Warehousing is an established, full service public warehouse. The facility is located immediately off of Interstate 29 and Highway 36, and just 30 minutes west of Interstate 35 and 40 minutes north of Interstate 70 in Kansas City. Offering both food grade and chemical grade facilities, Pony Express has constructed its own rail dock to meet customer needs. The warehouse can provide customers with local cartage services with two Ottawa shag trucks, two Kenworth tractors and 25 trailers. Temperature controlled storage is also available.


Nor-Am Cold Storage
Nor-Am Cold Storage is a full service, refrigerated warehouse. Nor-Am’s facilities offer rail loading with BNSF and UP service.


Large companies have distribution centers and networks in St. Joseph as well, including:


Silgan Containers
With one of its corporate manufacturing locations in St. Joseph, Silgan Containers remains the largest provider of metal food packaging in the U.S. Trusted by America’s most respected brands, Silgan’s reputation is based on a foundation of quality, excellence and unsurpassed technical expertise.


Altec Industries
Altec, Inc. is the holding company for the world’s leading equipment and service provider for the electric utility, telecommunications, contractor, and tree care industries. The company provides products and services in more than 100 countries throughout the world. The St. Joseph facility performs the engineering, manufacturing and parts distribution processes occur.


Boehringer Ingelheim, operating a multi-million dollar pharmaceutical facility in St. Joseph, has services including contracted manufacturing business. The value created for industrial customers is one of the key success factors of the BIVI supply network.