Field Service Representative

Listing Title:
  Field Service Representative
Company Name:
  Missouri American Water
Title of Position:
  Field Service Representative
  Work Schedule
Monday to Friday 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Primary Role
Executes and completes field customer service orders, reads water meters and records readings. Keeps meter reading equipment secure through completion of workshift. Inspects meters to see if seals are broken and reports condition, occupied homes where meter is not read, and any plumbing (immediately adjacent to meter) which may be in violation of the rules and regulations of the Missouri American Water Company. Operates a vehicle in the pursuit of these responsibilities

Key Accountabilities
Inspects water service line installations by plumbers to ensure compliance with company rules. Collects water samples.
Serves notices.
Sets and removes water meters with or without remote meter reading attachments.
Turns water on or off. Installs and changes recording charts.
Installs, programs, and downloads data recording instruments.
Take pressure readings.
If directed by the company, accepts payment from customers in the manner and amount specified by supervision.
Returns such payments to a designated company facility. When requested, assists in performing field locations of company facilities and customer-owned water service lines and appurtenances.
When necessary, excavates at the "stop cock" or "corporation cock" on a customer-owned water service, to turn water on or off, repair or replace the stop cock, or realign stop box.
Repairs damaged service line; installs or removes meters in meter boxes or vaults; repairs leaks in meter boxes or vaults; makes small street or yard repairs where excavations were made as related to field customer service work.
Ensures that the vehicle assigned is kept stocked with necessary materials, tools, and equipment. Keeps vehicle, tools, and equipment clean and secure.
Operates mobile telephone and two-way radio communication equipment.
Investigates reported emergencies, such as water outages and/or water main leaks/breaks or others not herein identified.
Performs other duties as assigned by supervision.
Work Environment
Be physically able to traverse meter routes on foot under weather conditions, which will prevail throughout the year.
High School diploma or equivalent required.
Utility field experience desired.
Knowledge of company policies and procedures.
Intelligent and courteous to customers; neatly dressed in the proper uniform;
Neatly groomed in accordance with company requirements for employees who represent the company and have direct contact with customers and the public.

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Name of Contact:
  Kristy Fournie
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