COVID-19 Response Coordinator

July 28, 2020

Company Name:
Missouri Western State University

Title of Position:
COVID-19 Response Coordinator

The COVID-19 Response Coordinator will assist the university to implement its COVID-19 policy; regularly interface with students, faculty staff as well as local, state, and national health authorities with respect to COVID-19 matters. The Coordinator will monitor guidance and directives issued by local, state and national authorities and help create plans and identify courses of action.

• Provides planning support to various efforts including continuity of operations and COVID-19 coordination
• Assists in the ongoing development of COVID-19 policies and procedures
• Assists in collecting COVID-19 related materials, interpreting related policies, and implementing procedures determined by the University; including enforcement
• Facilitates meetings and other collaborative efforts related to COVID-19
• Helps ensure that physical distancing is maintained throughout university facilities by students, employees, contractors, and visitors including identifying and taking action to minimize high traffic areas
• COVID-19 case investigation and coordination with contact tracers
• Communicate in a professional, empathetic, and culturally-competent manner
• Distributes information regarding state/local quarantine procedures, and, if appropriate, refer impacted individuals to testing according to protocol
• Reports regularly to university authorities
• Provides education about COVID-19, isolation and quarantine procedures and social services
• Liaison with local health officials and authorities
• Provides feedback on ways to improve the quality and effectiveness of service delivery
• Performs other duties of a similar nature

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Human Resources

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