Executive Assistant

March 3, 2020

Company Name:
Saint Joseph Historical Society

Title of Position:
Executive Assistant

The Robidoux Row Museum is searching for a qualified Executive Assistant. The successful candidate will provide professional museum coverage for a minimum 18-20 hours a week including all Saturdays as well as additional time as needed for special events. The candidate will assist the executive director with archives, social media, public relations, and customer relations. Archives- The successful candidate will catalog, organize, and maintain artifacts, documents and pictures. This will include entering detailed item descriptions and photographs of items into database. Social Media- The successful candidate will assist in growing and maintaining the Museums social media platforms including Facebook, TripAdvisor, Google MyBusiness, and Yelp. This will include assisting with and presenting Facebook lives, social media updates, and responses to online requests. Public Relations- The successful candidate will assist with print media, mailings, and local media appearances. Customer Relations- The successful candidate will offer exceptional customer service at entry, giftshop and throughout tours for museum patrons. The wage will be $9.50 an hour with no additional benefits. The job will start as soon as a qualified candidate is hired. The Robidoux Row Museum is a local history museum comprising of the oldest building in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Its mission is to preserve and protect the history of St. Joseph through its founder Joseph Robidoux, and to educate the citizens of St. Joseph and visitors to Robidoux Row about this history. The Robidoux Row Museum is a non-profit run by the Saint Joseph Historical Society. Please submit a resume and cover letter by March 31, 2020 outlining pertinent experiences and qualifications to Daniel Johnson, Executive Director. Appy by email to director.robidouxrow@gmail.com.

Name of Contact:
Daniel Johnson

Email Address of Contact: