Food Safety Quality Assurance

April 8, 2019

Company Name:
Triumph Foods, LLC.

Title of Position:
FSQA Technician A-Shift

Triumph Foods is committed to be the industry leader in consistently delivering safe, high quality pork products from farm to table. We commit to achieve exceptional quality and performance in order to satisfy our customer requirements 100% of the time. We believe FSQA technicians represent our customers to assure their needs are met and as such, should always enforce policies and procedures as well as specifications in order to meet those needs. FSQA Techs are viewed as the eye of the customer and as such, it is expected from them to assure that product is wholesome and meet all product specifications. They must ensure and will be accountable for the product quality in the areas that they have been assigned to.

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Name of Contact:
Shanna Kapp

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