June 4, 2019

Company Name:
Specialty Industries of St Joseph

Title of Position:

Position: President CEO Reports to: Board of Directors Exempt Overview: Serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Specialty Industries, directing the daily operations, responsible for community relations, for supervising staff and production employees, complying with all local, state and federal regulations and for administering policies approved by the Board of Directors. Responsible for: Plan, organize, direct and control the operations of Specialty Industries in accordance with legal requirements and the policies and actions approved by the Board of Directors. Provide a controlled work environment designed to enable a disabled person to develop as far as possible to their capacity and ability to work productively. Develop and implement objectives of Specialty Industries and interpret the objectives and purpose of Specialty Industries to the employees and the public. Supervise all staff employees, including evaluating performance, hiring, recommending salaries, terminating and conducting staff meetings. Hire and terminate production employees, as needed. Accurate and timely completion of all required reports; i.e.: State, Federal, United Way, etc. Direct and control all financial operations of Specialty Industries, maintaining accurate accounting of funds. Promote Specialty Industries to the business community by developing and maintaining effective community relations, including presentations to community organizations, participation in community projects, and maintenance of good rapport with customers. Compliance of all Federal and State Laws. Technical writing and implementation of all safety and OSHA laws in compliance with D.O.L. and OSHA regulations. Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors of Specialty Industries and any other agency meeting that affects Specialty Industries. Evaluate the services and work performed by Specialty Industries and recommend plans for further development, improved production, and additional contracts. Consult with and advise the President of the Board regarding significant developments or activities of Specialty Industries. Present Annual Business Plan to Committee; implement approved Business Plan. Submit written monthly report to Board of Directors. Submit year end annual report. Performance Indicators: The extent to which Specialty Industries facilitates the growth and development of the employees and the quality of the work and environment. The extent to which the activities of Specialty Industries are effectively planned, organized and directed. The quality of the supervision provided to staff members and the quality and timeliness of information and reports submitted to the Board. The extent to which contracts for services and community relations improve. Covering for Production Manager: The President will act as the Production Manager in his/her absence Assist as assigned in emergency procedures. Be CPR certified. Certification necessary immediately upon employment, and continued recertification required. Perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors The President leads the Management team and will be expected to conduct Management meetings at various times. He/she will be expected to familiarize themselves with the overall status of Specialty Industries, Sheltered Employment in general and issues and community needs and concerns that affect our employees and their abilities to come to work and be productive for themselves and SI. Qualifications (Education, Skills, Abilities): Ability to understand, empathize, and work with disabled individuals. Preferred Bachelor’s Degree in business or related field Minimum of 10 years’ experience in similar position. Computer proficiency in document filing, Microsoft products and proper email communication. Ability to manage multiple projects. Strong, practical, organized decision-making skills Must possess good communication skills, both oral and written. Strong interpersonal skills required. Able to meet outlined objectives. Ability to work well under stress and cope with crisis situations. Ability to motivate employees. Physical Requirements The job is primarily administrative and does not require a great deal of physical activity. Occasional bending, lifting and stacking of product boxes of varying weights up to 30 lbs. Occasional travel for association meetings will be necessary. Please forward interest and resume to

Name of Contact:
Paul Bridenstine

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Job Posting Expires:
June 30th 2019