Vice President of Enrollment Management

August 4, 2020

Company Name:
Missouri Western State University

Title of Position:
Vice President of Enrollment Management

The Vice President for Enrollment Management (VP) is a role that requires a creative, strategic, and energetic leader. Reporting directly to the president; the VP is the chief enrollment officer for the institution playing a critical role in shaping the University’s future. The VP will oversee the offices of Admissions, Financial Aid, as well as New Student Initiatives and the Global Center (including international recruitment and international student orientation, etc.). Key responsibilities include leading our institutional efforts to strengthen student recruitment and success at all levels.

• Assess and revise goals in the strategic enrollment management plan.
• Develop an enrollment plan which focuses on traditional, adult and part-time undergraduate students.
• Create and implement graduate student recruitment strategy.
• Devise and implement methods of attracting and retaining international and out-of-state students.
• Help facilitate strong enrollment partnerships with other schools that can yield well-prepared transfer students.
• Develop partnerships with private and public entities.
• Work together with the vice presidents, deans, and faculty to recommend additional academic programs that would enhance enrollment.
• Identify and establish admission guidelines which increase access as well as provide predictive data upon indicating which students will require additional support.
• Collaborate with Communications and Marketing to develop and implement a marketing campaign that enhances enrollment.
• Oversee implementation of best practices with respect to new student orientation.
• Assist in identifying, developing, and implementing student retention initiatives.
• Strive to ensure exceptional customer service in terms of admissions, financial aid, and student retention.
• Work with the Office of Financial Aid to ensure compliance with federal and state rules, regulations, and laws.
• Continuously assess financial aid and continue to refine a financial aid model which reduces the overall discount rate yet increases enrollment and decreases time-to-degree.
• Take a leadership role in the procurement of grants that support student engagement and success.
• Develop and foster communication with students, parents, faculty, community agencies, alumni, and the general public to address student concerns.
• Enhance efforts to build a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community.
• Oversee the hiring and evaluation of professional and non-professional staff, and provide opportunities for the development of professionals in the division for personnel sustainability and growth.
• Supervises employees and serves on committees as appropriate for institutional needs.
• Other duties and special projects as assigned.

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Human Resources

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