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  Office Professional
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  Office Professional
  Our financial planning office is looking to hire another Office Professional. Currently this position would require 10-15 hours per week with a flexible schedule to work around college courses, family time or children’s activities. (We understand there are times that you may need to stay home with your sick kids or study for a test).
We are looking for someone who can handle multiple tasks, is great at organizing and isn't afraid to learn new things while showing clients a pleasant experience. A good candidate is someone who is a self-starter and wants to learn how to get better at their job. This position does require basic understanding of Microsoft programs including: Outlook, Excel, and Word. Other job duties consist of planning events, filing, follow up calls, basic cleaning, computer input, some client interaction before and after meeting with their advisor. This could be used as a paid internship for college.
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  Cody F. Vaughn
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