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Our central location in the United States’ Midwest has made St. Joseph a primed and ready hub for agriculture. We export food across the nation as well as the globe through multiple types of farming; including wheat, corn, soy, hogs, poultry, and cattle.

This agricultural advantage also makes St. Joseph a top location choice for the Agricultural Sciences Industry. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company grow.

St. Joseph

Top Agricultural Technology Employers

St. Joseph


St. Joseph is situated in the Midwest’s Agricultural Research Triangle where companies, universities, researchers, and farmers team together to test and discover the most efficient and effective ways that bioscience can benefit the country. Within this triangle, at least five major universities offer special programs for those in the agricultural sciences field.

Top Animal Health and Nutrition Employers

The KC Animal Health Corridor represents the largest concentration of animal health companies in the world.

Companies with a strategic location in the KC Animal Health Corridor now represent 56 percent of total worldwide animal healthdiagnostics and pet food sales.

The St. Joseph metropolitan area, located in both Missouri and Kansas, has 24.74% of its workforce in manufacturing, the 18th-highest rate in the study conducted by SmartAsset.

18 Times the Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing Labor Compared to the National Average

  • 18 Times the Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing Labor Compared to the National Average
  • 90% growth in Beef Cattle Ranching and Farming
  • 68% Growth in Corn Farming
  • 27% Growth in Research and Development in Life Sciences (including Agriculture Research and Development)

Workforce Training Designed for You​

The St. Joseph Workforce Development Alliance works with education partners to coordinate training and educational assets to meet the workforce needs of industry.

Workforce Data

Support Labor Industries Growth
Beef Cattle Ranching and Farming 90%
Cattle Feedlots 85%
Corn Farming 68%
All Other Grain Farming 57%
Dairy Cattle and Milk Production 56%
Chicken Egg Production 35%
Research and Development in Life Sciences (including Agriculture Research and Development) 27%
Other Vegetable and Melon Farming 24%
Soybean Farming 19%
All Other Miscellaneous Crop Farming 19%
Hog and Pig Farming 15%

Compared to the USA average region of the same size, St. Joseph has…

18x more people employed in Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing

4x more people employed in Oilseed and Grain Combination Farming

4x more people employed in Sheep Farming

3x more people employed in Hog and Pig Farming

2x more people employed in Animal Production

2x more people employed in Soybean Farming

2x more people employed in Crop Production

2x more people employed in Regulation of Agricultural Marketing and Commodities

All Other Grain Farming$43,769
Oilseed and Grain Combination Farming$43,388
Corn Farming$38,526
Dry Pea and Bean Farming$35,759
Crop Production (Proprietors)$35,394
Farm Management Services$34,761
All Other Animal Production$34,761
Hog and Pig Farming$34,761
Animal Production (Proprietors)$33,363
All Other Miscellaneous Crop Farming$33,180
Horses and Other Equine Production$33,180
Soybean Farming$32,171
Nursery and Tree Production$32,171
Beef Cattle Ranching and Farming$30,992
Support Activities for Forestry$30,543
Cattle Feedlots$30,026

Labor Availability

This map shows that 17,489 people travel to the St. Joseph area daily for work, proving that a good employer can draw labor from a wide radius. Additionally, this map shows that 15,907 people drive from St. Joseph’s region to work in other locations. This creates a potential workforce as the vast majority of these 15,907 workers will consider working in the St. Joseph area, as more jobs are created.

Transportation Infrastructure

St. Joseph is a crossroads for two major thoroughfares, Interstate 29 and U.S. Highway 36. The city is served by two interstate highways, one proposed interstate, and four U.S. Routes. 

Major Airport

St. Joseph is Just 35 Minutes from Kansas City International Airport (KCI). KCI is a full service, international airport served by every major U.S. passenger and all-cargo carriers. More than 400 flights from 11 major carriers arrive and depart daily from KCI, and airfares are among the lowest in the nation.


Two major Class 1 Railroads serve St. Joseph. The Union Pacific (UP) Railroad and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway provide rail service to every region of the United States for delivery of finished goods as well as inbound raw materials.

St. Joseph Regional Port Authority

The Missouri River, part of the nation’s inland waterway system, is St. Joseph’s gateway to the Gulf of Mexico. Our public river port facility gives area businesses the affordable option of transporting via river barge. The port is located at Missouri River mile 448. The port facility also has a Union Pacific rail spur. It is operated by Transport 360, which is built to accommodate everything from small business to major corporations.

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Incentives Options to Suit Your Needs*

Economic Development Programs Related to New Job Creation and Capital Investment:

  • Buchanan County Economic Development Fund

  • St. Joseph Industrial Foundation

  • Chapter 100 Bond Program

  • Missouri State Incentives

  • Tax Increment Financing

  • Chapter 353 Tax Abatement

  • Improvement Districts

  • BUILD Program infrastructure

  • Economic Development riders for Electricity/Water

Redevelopment Related Programs:

  • Tax Increment Financing

  • Chapter 353 Tax Abatement

  • Improvement Districts

*Eligibility criteria apply

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