Aggressive Incentives Built for New Quality Job Creation and Investment

St. Joseph is aggressive in the case of incentives to bring quality projects to our city. The St. Joseph Economic Development Partnership will work diligently to structure an incentive package that is attractive and forward thinking. 

We are dedicated to working with all involved to create a mutually-beneficial project that will assist your company in successfully achieving its goals and becoming an integral part of the St. Joseph community. 

Our successes with Triumph Foods, Daily’s Premium Meats, Schutz Containers, Cereal Ingredients, Boehringer Ingelheim and more in the location and expansion of their most modern and technologically-advanced facilities are prime examples of this ability.

Local Incentives

State of Missouri Incentives

Utility Economic Development Riders

Evergy (electric), Missouri American Water Company, and Spire (natural gas) all have utility economic development riders for large industrial projects. The projects must meet certain criteria of new high utility usage requirements and job creation. The programs typically provide a certain percentage reduction by year after start-up, over a five year period. Riders must be approved by the utility company prior to a public announcement of the project.

Other Programs for Special Circumstances