Manufacturing (MFG) Day

What is Manufacturing Day? Why does St. Joseph participate?

Manufacturing Day is a national day set aside to recognize the importance of the manufacturing industry and the diverse, highly-skilled, jobs that are available in our community. Held the first Friday in October each year, community organizations and companies come together to lift up the industry and the possible career paths available.

Locally, the day includes guided tours/events at the following manufacturers:

Are you helping students learn about the event, or want to take part?

There are many Manufacturing Day resources to assist organizations in learning how to plan and promote their own Manufacturing Day events and prepare students for visits to events at The Manufacturing Day website also offers statistics about manufacturing and the significance manufacturing companies have on the economy.

The Purpose of Manufacturing Day:

Manufacturing Day activities are meant to change the image of the industry and help introduce high school students and families to the ways these jobs are desirable and highly-skilled. A survey by Deloitte proves that this is happening — 81 percent of students said after attending the events in past years that they were more interested in manufacturing careers and found them to be more rewarding than they previously believed. Seventy-one percent said in the survey that they were more likely to talk to their family and friends about the manufacturing industry after attending Manufacturing Day events. This day is important toward helping change perceptions in our own community about the types of manufacturing jobs offered, while showing the significance of jobs in manufacturing.

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