Manufacturing Success Expands in St. Joseph and Across the U.S.

St.   Joseph has manufactured some famous products in its days: Stetson hats, Aunt Aunt Jemima 1Jemima Pancake Mix, and Mead notebooks to name a few. Today, St. Joseph still continues the city’s manufacturing success by using the latest technologies. Worldwide companies like Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. and Nestle Purina are expanding their manufacturing businesses in St. Joseph to supply products for the booming animal health and science industry.

Some manufacturing companies like Hillyard Companies have thrived for over 100 years in St. Joseph. Throughout multiple periods where the nation has been in financial turmoil, some local companies have weathered the market and still continue to grow and change with the times and with their customers’ needs.

According to Bradley Holcomb of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), the nation’s manufacturing index is slowly growing and rebounding. The ISM saw growth in the nation’s factories accelerate for five straight months to the highest it has been in 2.5 years. On the ISM manufacturing index, any reading above 50 is considered a sign of growth. This latest reading for manufacturing success was 56.4 in October.

While most economists see the nation’s growth in manufacturing as a struggle forward, they do agree that the nation’s manufacturing industry is growing, even if it is slow growth. They foresee the growth to continue to the end of 2013.

While the nation recovers, St.   Joseph has been planning multiple renovations and expansions of businesses small and large. Last February, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon visited the St. Joseph Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. facility and commended them on their successful business growth in St. Joseph. He complimented their high-tech facility and the high salaries that they offer Missouri workers.

Boehringer plans to expand their business in the EastowneBusinessPark. Over the next five years, they expect to open around 124 new jobs. A new 260,000 square-foot building will offer more space for packaging and labeling and as a distribution center located conveniently next to Highway 36.

Companies like Altec, WireCo WorldGroup, Gray Manufacturing, Johnson Controls, Nestle Purina Petcare, and Triumph Foods also have part of their worldwide industry in St. Joseph. Nestle’s ProductTechnologyCenter in St. Joseph spurs growth in producing the best products in its field. Its pilot production plant and research area helps employees discover the most innovative advances in their industry.

Triumph Foods has also seen growth in the manufacturing of its pork products. With the construction of their 30,000 square-foot building they can hire more local workers and keep up with customers’ high demand of their pork products.

While the nation’s economists see America slowly regaining its foothold in the manufacturing business, local officials have seen St. Joseph keep moving forward in manufacturing success. With new building projects, expansions, and greater employment opportunities, St. Joseph not only rode out the financial storm fairly well, but has kept moving forward throughout the blustery gales of the economy.