Student Service Coordinator UMKC St. Joseph Regional Campus

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  Student Service Coordinator UMKC St. Joseph Regional Campus
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  University of Missouri-Kansas City
Title of Position:
  Student Service Coordinator
  The St. Joseph campus is searching for an individual to support audio-visual/information technology needs and instructional support.

-IT/AV set-up and troubleshooting to support lectures, simulation activities, and AV communication between campuses.
-Ensuring working technology and audio/visual for lecture delivery and content capture between campuses.
-Proctoring course, clerkship, and preparatory board exams- this would include gaining knowledge of exam software.
-Video capture and documentation of educational activities for the regional rural campus for purposes of grant progress reports and LCME accreditation.
-Maintenance of educational resource vehicles and associated technology for the St. Joseph campus
-Transport faculty and staff between Kansas City and St. Joseph for lectures or meetings
-Other duties as assigned.

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  Michael Wacker
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