Chamber Endorses Transportation Tax

The St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has agreed to endorse Amendment 7, the transportation tax that will repair roads, repair or replace unsafe bridges and fund priority transportation projects in Missouri. The issue is on the Aug. 5 ballot.

“The sales tax will enhance the overall transportation system in Missouri that supports private sector investment and job growth, said R.  Patt Lilly, President and CEO of the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce. “Locally, there are several important projects that will be funded with the new sales tax revenue, including intersection improvements at South 169 Highway at Interstate 29 and Riverside Road (Route AC) and U.S. Highway 36. Not only will these improvements provide enhancements to support economic development efforts, but will also improve safety at these intersections.”

The temporary sales tax of three-quarters of 1 percent for 10 years would have to be extended by taxpayers again in the future. The change is expected to produce $480 million annually to the state’s Transportation Safety and Job Creation Fund and $54 million for local governments. The revenue cannot be diverted for uses besides transportation purposes.