Growing Businesses and Local Developers Expanding What St. Joseph Has to Offer

Triumph Foods 1A little room to grow can yield big results. St. Joseph has room to grow both figuratively and literally. With a variety of major businesses located in the city, St. Joseph has successful companies that can plan major expansions and boost employment and the economy in the Northwest Missouri region.

Local developers also have plenty of room to grow along the fringes of St. Joseph. The land gap between St. Joseph and Kansas City is narrowing. With river, rail, and interstate access all passing through St. Joseph, more and more businesses are finding the St. Joseph area an opportunistic area in which to grow.

Once businesses choose St. Joseph, they will find a team of economic and local developers that will help their business keep expanding throughout the region. The Northwest Missouri Roundtable of Economic Developers is a force of local developers that can help businesses make the best choices as they develop new buildings and find the right sites where they can expand. These experts come from 18 different counties in this corner of the state where the combined retail demand potential is more than $3 billion.

One of many businesses that are currently planning an expansion with local developers in St. Joseph is Triumph Foods, a worldwide pork processing company. While Triumph currently employs 2,800 people, it plans to hire 105 more full-time employees after their new 30,000 square-foot building is constructed. Their $7.5 million investment will help them keep up with the growing demands in exporting their pork products.

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. also has plans to expand its company in St. Joseph in the Eastowne Business Park. Local developers have planned a new 260,000 square-foot building, which will give Boehringer a place to consolidate their warehouse products with their packaging, labeling, and distribution center. Within the last year, Boehringer also opened a new administration building. Now with this recent $79 million investment, 115 new employment opportunities will be offered.

Local developers have also recently helped several other businesses in the St. Joseph area in their expansions including Van Am Tools, I & M Machine and Fabrication and Sunshine Sign and Display. But, big businesses aren’t the only groups that local developers have been busy helping.

New neighborhoods are pushing to the boundary of St. Joseph, and with those new neighborhoods come groups of children. Local developers are in the midst of creating sites where St. Joseph’s future employers can get their best educational start.  As St. Joseph’s population grows and moves into new areas of the city, there is a need for more elementary schools.

Two new schools in St. Joseph will soon open their doors to the fresh young minds of the area. Plans for the new schools go beyond simple rooms where students will study and include modern designs and outdoor classrooms.

Businesses can find resources, initiatives, and incentives through economic and land developers here in St. Joseph and can find that their room to grow can go a long way.