Bring Us Your Business, We Have Got the Best Location for You

MWSU 1Centrally-located in the United States and with a perfect mixture of a small town hard work ethic and proximity to a major metropolitan area, St. Joseph is the perfect location for your business. The St. Joseph area offers a variety of jobs from agricultural to technical and from office to factory.

Its university, technical schools, and award-winning high schools and elementary schools prepare the next generation of workers. Its location next to major transportation avenues makes it easy for families to travel and for businesses to smoothly move their products through the supply chain. Neighborhoods offer extremely affordable homes, old Victorian beauties from the early 1900s, and the latest million-dollar mansions. It’s the perfect location to start a business or raise a family.

The first explorers paddled to the St. Joseph area via the Missouri River. Today, barges still carry goods along this route. Time brought major railways and Interstates right through downtown, and situated an international airport only 35 miles north. Railways and roads such as Interstates 29, 70, and 35, and Highways 36 and 71 all pass either through or within an hour of St. Joseph.

St. Joseph residents can take I-29 approximately 35 miles south straight to the Kansas City International Airport (KCI). KCI is a major flight connection between the east and west coast and can keep commerce flowing and family close with its constant flight traffic.

The Midwest is the breadbasket for America. While farmers work in the fields, researchers, scientists, engineers, and educators in St. Joseph work with worldwide companies in finding the latest technological advances in food and animal nutrition and health. St. Joseph is in the perfect location for this research and is a part of the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, a geographical area where almost one-third of the $19 billion global animal health industry conducts its research and creates its products.

Those who are working in this bioscience industry can use the educational opportunities, like Missouri Western State University (MWSU) in St. Joseph to continue their training and research and keep up with the latest advances. The new Kit Bond Science and Technology Incubator at MWSU is in the perfect location to educate not only those here in St. Joseph, but other professionals who live within the Animal Health Corridor. Three other colleges offer other technical training in St. Joseph for multiple businesses in manufacturing, automotive care, retail, cosmetology, business, and healthcare.

St. Joseph is in a perfect location to have a beautiful, but still affordable home. Old historic neighborhoods blend into brand-new neighborhoods and offer a full range of choices for comfort and style. In some parts of St. Joseph, old brick school buildings continue their tradition of providing exceptional education, while newer parts of town are in the midst of creating two new twenty-first century schools that will continue that incredible instruction through the next century.

For employment, education, affordable living, and geographical location, St. Joseph is the perfect location for businesses and families.