Heartland Health Providing Growing Regional Healthcare as Mosaic Life Care

In June 2012, St. Joseph’s RegionalHealthCenter, Heartland Health, announced Mosaic 1that they would be changing their name to Mosaic Life Care. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a mosaic is defined as “something made up of different things that together form a pattern.” Clinics in different cities throughout the region, the hospital, the physicians, nurses and non-clinical staff, each with their own specialty and part in the picture of perfect health are combining under a new umbrella name. Mosaic is the new brand of many specialists all working together for the best health and wellness of the community.

The name change was prompted by Heartland’s move into the North Kansas City region. Heartland’s reach into North Kansas City reveals their strength in their growing regional healthcare. Because Heartland did not own the federal trademark for Heartland Health in the Kansas City region, they had to change their brand into a new regional health system that could be identified throughout the Northwest Missouri and North Kansas City regions. With one brand name, Mosaic’s reach can continue to grow.

Currently, Mosaic has clinics in Burlington Creek, Excelsior Springs, Kearney, ParkvilleCommons, Shoal Creek, and Smithville. Shoppers in St. Joseph’s North Shoppes have already witnessed the first signs of Heartland rebranding. Just across the roadway from the Shoppes, the Mosaic Life Care Plastic Surgery and Dermatology center sign has called attention to the new changeover for Heartland.

When a company changes its brand, it takes time. A mosaic doesn’t come together suddenly. Different materials are collected, brought together and organized. Single facets complement each other as they blend into one whole. Then it takes time for the material that supports those facets to strengthen and hold them all together.

Heartland projects that it will take about four more years to completely convert over to Mosaic Life Care. Slowly, the new brand will become dominant. The new brand can already be seen on the website, through billing, e-mail, and through improvements to the Heartland campus cafeteria.

Chief Brand Officer, Tama Wagner, is very pleased with the symbolism that the new brand name Mosaic offers Heartland. Not only does it represent all Heartland employees coming together to serve its customers, but it represents how their healthcare will attend to the whole patient and all their needs. In a more regional sense, Mosaic is picking up communities and adding them to the collection of patients of whom they already attend. Where Heartland’s name stopped at the border of Kansas City, Mosaic will travel onward extending the reach towards a major metropolitan area and inviting more patients to better health and wellness.