Kit Bond Science and Technology Incubator Fostering Animal Health and Nutrition Industries

Kit Bond Building 1On May 27, 2008, the Christopher “Kit” Bond Science and Technology Incubator opened its doors to research in animal health and nutrition both literally and figuratively in St. Joseph. A door opened to make St. Joseph an even stronger link in the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor that extends from Columbia, Mo., to Manhattan, Kan. With multiple animal health and nutrition businesses already in St. Joseph, the Science and Technology Incubator was a perfect addition to local researchers, companies, and those wishing to start up new businesses.

The Kit Bond Science and Technology Incubator is located on the campus of Missouri Western State University (MWSU) and is operated by the Institute for Industrial and Applied Life Sciences (IIALS). Missouri Western’s campus location compliments other animal and health nutrition research facilities at the University of Missouri-Columbia and Kansas State University.

The incubator is intended to be a place where businesses in the KC Animal Health Corridor can meet, plan, and collaborate. Laboratories, consulting, workforce training, and grant writing are some of the services provided by the IIALS. The IIALS welcomes businesses that are involved in animal health and nutrition or human health and nutrition.

Firms can use the incubator for supporting local industry with manufacturing, non-profit, and University research, as well as development and workforce training/development. At the Incubator they can use the resources to test innovative products that would enhance the field of animal and health nutrition. It is a place where businesses can create innovative technologies, use MWSU resources, create new businesses, and further fuel the economy in this region of Missouri.

The research center is a place where some businesses are born and others are refined, enhanced, promoted, advertised, and expanded. Businesses can use the Incubator for pre-pilot, pilot, or proto-type development. With a designated and professionally equipped incubator, local businesses can find the resources they need to keep growing.

Animal health and nutrition businesses already located in St. Joseph can greatly benefit from the Kit Bond Science and Technology Incubator. Businesses like Boehringer-Ingleheim Vetmedica, Inc., Sopharmia, Inc., New Functional Polymers, DT Search and Design LLC, and the United States Animal Health Association are all tenants that have benefited from the incubator’s services.

St. Joseph has a strong history in animal health and nutrition. Worldwide animal health and nutrition businesses like Boehringer-Ingleheim Vetmedica and Nestle-Purina are expanding in St. Joseph. They see the location of St. Joseph in this rich agricultural region as a prime spot for research and manufacturing alongside other regional animal health and nutrition partners. Companies also see the city’s commitment to enhancing and expanding businesses of health and nutrition through the building of such advantageous research facilities like the Kit Bond Science and Technology Incubator.