What Criteria Allows a City to be on the List for the Best Cities for Jobs

JobsLooking for a new job can be tedious, but it can also be an opportunity to make a list of all the things that you would enjoy doing and then researching the best cities for jobs that would offer the perfect atmosphere for your job and home. Some cities offer incredible jobs but have long commutes. Other cities have great jobs but have a high cost of living.

The best cities for jobs aren’t just about the jobs. They are a combination of quality jobs, affordable living, location, healthcare, education, and other offerings. St. Joseph’s population of over 77,000 offers urban amenities and small town friendliness. It offers incredible jobs without the long commute and high cost of living. In fact, St. Joseph is ranked as one of top 100 leading locations for 2011 from Area Development magazine.

When you open a book with a United States map in it, St. Joseph often is in the center crease of the book. Its location, near the exact center of America, may keep families living outside of Missouri not too far away for a road trip visit. The Rocky Mountains and Appalachian Mountains are a long day’s drive. Kansas City International Airport is an easy 35-minute drive to the south for those who would rather fly.

Within St. Joseph and the Northwest Missouri region, traveling is also convenient. In less than 20 minutes, most residents can make it from their house to their place of work. St. Joseph is devoid of big city traffic jams that make commutes unpredictable. Many residents even enjoy their commute along St. Joseph’s urban parkway system. Workday worries diminish as drivers soak in some of the 26 miles of a relaxing, woodland-lined drive.

Those who choose professional business occupations in the city, but want to live out in the country can have that in the St. Joseph region. The city’s boundaries offer rural homes in the solitude of acres of hardwood oak and hickory forest and rolling fields.

The best cities for jobs offer quality jobs and an affordable cost of living. Worldwide companies have located some of their home offices in St. Joseph. Health, animal science, research, manufacturing, and production jobs offer multiple professional positions with high wages. Coupling that with a low cost of living and very affordable homes, working in St.   Joseph makes it easy to find a house with all your needs. As a comparison, the Council for Community and Economic Research rates the cost of living in St. Joseph as 92.6 percent and Los Angeles as 135.9 percent.

St. Joseph offers excellent schools from pre-kindergarten to higher education with schools like Missouri Western State University. The professionals of the St. Joseph Symphony and Performing Arts Association add even more culture to the community.

St. Joseph has a warm small town feel, yet offers city restaurants, entertainment, exceptional healthcare, quality employment, and affordable living, making it one of the best cities for jobs.