Agricultural Sciences Keep Our Thanksgiving Traditions Growing

Thanksgiving 1As you slice into that juicy turkey this Thanksgiving, dish into the stuffing or take a slice of pumpkin pie, be grateful to the land that provides those goods, the farmers who nurture those goods, and the scientists who help sustain the health of those animals and plants. From the beginnings of a tiny seed, those researchers in the agricultural sciences are partners with farmers.

Local St. Joseph companies like Becker Underwood, Omnium, Albaugh, and Ag Processing Inc. are all involved in healthy seed and crop production. From the time it takes a tiny sprout to move from the farm to the table, it must face numerous pests and severe weather conditions. With the help of agricultural sciences, those crops can resist pests, be more weather-tolerant and thrive with nutrients.

St.   Joseph agricultural science companies like Boehringer-Ingelheim Vetmedica, Bayer Healthcare LLC, and Agri-Laboratories, LTD also protect the animals on our farms through medicines, vaccines and nutritional foods. These companies not only protect our food supply, but support and sustain our rich holiday food traditions. What would Thanksgiving be without our turkey, fresh green beans or pumpkin pie?

The Northwest region’s urban and rural areas complement each other. St. Joseph offers area farmers a venue to sell their locally grown goods. As links in the supply chain are reduced from the short trip to farmer’s markets, the community improves transportation savings and air quality as it reduces emissions from long shipping travels. Farmers’ markets and small businesses that craft their baked goods, grapevine wreaths, jellies, jams, candles and other goods offer locally grown economic development.

Multiple agricultural sciences industries have located themselves in St. Joseph to support those farmers around them. As a part of the KC Animal Health Corridor, St. Joseph can take the experiences of those farmers in their local community and give back with new research and innovative solutions and products that will improve crop yields and animal health.

Healthy farms will in turn create healthy communities. Healthy, nutrient-filled foods to local residents could reduce trips to see doctors, reduce costs incurred by shipping and offer rich local flavor to the dishes that grace the table. Through wise conservation practices, farmers can support biodiversity, offer wildlife habitat, improve air quality and naturally filter water.

Without the research and support from those in the field of agricultural sciences, our nation’s farms might not thrive with such health and be able to keep up with the nation’s food demand. Products from the farm not only provide food but innumerable products that surround us each day.

The farming tradition is strong in northwest Missouri. Generations of families have proudly provided for the surrounding communities with their harvests and their livestock. With the help of agricultural sciences, our farms can keep thriving and providing the bountiful harvest that we are so thankful for in our daily meals and at those festive times of the year when family and friends gather.