“We’re absolutely confident this is the best place to invest our money.” – Dr. Joachim Hasenmaier, global head of animal health for Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. , addressing crowd at BIVI expansion and groundbreaking in St. Joseph


Bioscience and St. Joseph: Booming with Innovation and Globally-Recognized Growth

Bioscience is a global field encompassing advancements in animal health and nutrition, animal pharmaceutical development and agricultural-based research and development No other city in the Midwest offers the agricultural sciences strength of St. Joseph, receiving a No. 4 ranking by location quotient for agricultural sciences industry, as compared to all 324 U.S. metropolitan areas.

Our business-friendly environment, close proximity to Kansas City bioscience collaboration partners and a regional Midwestern work ethic that draws upon generations of agricultural knowledge produces the perfect synergistic relationship. We are a key hub for research and growth in the $19 billion global animal health and nutrition environment, and a pivotal piece of the famed KC Animal Health Corridor.

In fact, St. Joseph, Mo., sits in the center of the world’s biggest concentration of animal health-related research and technology organizations.


Why Bioscience is a Valued Industry

St Joseph is perfectly placed in the middle of the Midwest’s Agricultural Research Triangle. This triangle stretches from Kansas State University to the University of Missouri, Columbia, and up to the University of Nebraska. The region’s long history of farming and livestock production has evolved into a modern, highly-concentrated center for the animal health and nutrition industry.

The bioscience industry represents a vital opportunity for job growth and new business development in St Joseph and within the region. Known as the KC Animal Health Corridor because of its unique concentration of animal health related industries, the area is a dominant force in its field both nationally and globally:

  • Animal Health and Nutrition companies in the area account for one third of the $19 billion global industry sales.
  • The KC Animal Health Corridor, in which St. Joseph is centrally placed, is home to 70 global or U.S. headquarters for industry companies.
  • Four of the 10 largest global animal health companies work in the corridor- including Nestle Purina and Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., both with research headquarters and major expansions in St. Joseph.


The St Joseph Area Is Fully Supportive Of The Bioscience Industry:

  • The region boasts at least 20 universities which offer undergraduate, graduate and post-doctorate degree programs related to bioscience.
  • The University of Kansas, located one hour from St. Joseph, offers the nation’s only MBA program for Animal Health
  • Within the KC Animal Health Corridor, there are four top veterinary schools within 300 miles; plus three Veterinary Tech program locations
  • Missouri Western State University, located in the heart of St Joseph, is home to the Kit Bond Business Incubator, a dynamic partnership of public and private enterprise dedicated to helping new bioscience companies launch successfully.  In addition there are programs to provide students specialized animal health training. Regionally, there are a total of eight such incubators along with several science parks – underlining region-wide commitment to bioscience-related research and businesses.


The Agricultural Research Triangle: St. Joseph at the Center

The research triangle surrounding St Joseph is of incalculable value. Within a 2.5 hour drive from St Joseph in three directions, the region provides technological and information resources in the form of universities, Federal Laboratories and private research institutions. Knowledge sharing and collaborations are uniquely possible from our centralized location.


St. Joseph has a Synergetic Cluster of Animal Health-Related Nutrition, Pharmaceutical and Distribution Companies :


Agri Laboratories Ltd

is a national distributor of animal health products. The company was founded in 1984 and has 37 employees.


Ameri-Pac, Inc.
Ameri-Pac provides an ever-growing number of products and services for the pet, companion animal, livestock, poultry and aquaculture industries. It is one of the leading suppliers of anti-oxidants to the pet food and rendering industries. Ameri-Pac produces a wide variety of veterinary pharmaceuticals for distributors and provides a wide range of specialty ingredient handling and processing services. It has about 40 employees.


Agri Laboratories Ltd.
BiozymeFounded in 1945, Biozyme is a global provider of animal nutrition supplements and cattle feed. The company employees 20 people.


Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. (BIVI)
Since its beginning in 1917, the company has become a leader in the production of animal health products. The St Joseph business includes research and development as well as product manufacturing. Significant expansion was recently completed, and 900 people are employed by the company.


Nestle Purina Petcare
The company maintains two facilities in St Joseph. One facility is devoted to the manufacture of Beneful and Friskies pet foods. The second facility, known as the Product Technology Center (PTC), conducts research and development. The company employs 239 people.


Purina Mills
Purina has been a strong component of the St Joseph bioscience community since 1968. Chiefly engaged in the manufacture of animal feed for a global market, the company currently has 50 employees with an expansion planned.


Star Labs
Since 1974 Star Labs has been developing, manufacturing and distributing Primala direct-fed microbials. The company has 12 employees.


This wholesale veterinary supplier has 26 distributing locations across the country to serve veterinary clinicians. Vedco has 19 employees.


Important Bioscience-Related Industries and Partners in St. Joseph:


Agricultural science is exploring the development of bioactive chemical compounds. Known as functional foods or nutraceuticals, these phytochemical compounds promote good health and offer medicinal value such as disease prevention. Nutraceuticals are finding their way into a variety of products. One such area especially interesting for St Joseph is the use of nutraceuticals in soy-based protein products. The regional linkage between agri-science product development and the local soy crop presents tremendous opportunity for full-orbed enterprise.


Animal Pharmaceuticals
St Joseph and Kansas City presently account for 45 percent of national employment in veterinary pharmaceuticals. As competitors retreat, St Joseph is poised to increase its market presence.


The Kit Bond Science and Technology Incubator Brings Newest Technology to St. Joseph, Mo:

This state-of-the-art business incubator is located on the campus of MWSU. Built with a $2.5 million grant from the US Economic Development Administration, the incubator is designed to promote interface between the university, businesses and the private sector with the goal of seeing university lab technology translate into commercial production.

To accomplish this, the incubator provides 25,000 square feet of laboratory facilities, office and conferencing space to help startup companies get off the ground. There is room for a dozen or so companies of small size or several larger enterprises. A public-private partnership committed to entrepreneurism funds the incubator.

Powerful Partnership within the Region

Because of its proximity to Kansas City, St Joseph is able to work in concert with other industry leaders to strengthen and grow the Bioscience presence within the area. Every sector of the community in St Joseph and Kansas City has joined hands in partnership to create the most favorable environment for businesses in the animal health and nutrition market.