Heartland Health is Meeting Medical Needs in Our Area

To call it merely a “hospital” would minimize its immense importance in the vast Heartland 1gifts it gives in health, nutrition, and in helping its patients attain a great quality of life. Heartland Health is a community of teams that work together to help bring quality healthcare to all ages and all stages of health needs. Located in St. Joseph, Heartland Health is the regional medical and health center in Northwest Missouri, Southeast Nebraska, and Northeast Kansas.

Heartland Health is the largest employer in St. Joseph. That is a comforting thought to those who live nearby. The largest workforce is one that cares for the community and nurtures it mentally, physically, emotionally, and educationally. Heartland Health encompasses multiple facets of healthcare and has received over 20 awards of excellence in the last decade.

Heartland Regional Medical Center is the most noticeable of those incredible facets of healthcare offered by Heartland Health. The medical center includes an Emergency and Trauma Center, Heart Center, Cancer Center, and the New Beginnings Birthing Center. Heartland Health strives to provide the best care with the most up-to-date technology and with help from the leading specialists in the country. In May 2012, they formed a partnership with the Mayo Clinic. By joining the Mayo Clinic Care Network, they can call on the expertise of Mayo Clinic physicians and collaborate on the most appropriate and most effective health plans for their patients.

Heartland Health offers multiple clinics for specialized care. One of their newest clinics, the Ten-Twenty Adolescent Clinic, focuses specifically on youth. In the decade between age 10 and 20, an individual goes through the most dynamic changes in their life. This clinic aims to help guide teens through these years physically, mentally, and emotionally. The employees of Heartland Health know that individualized and compassionate care are essential to healing the whole patient. Different age groups have different needs and the Ten-Twenty Adolescent Clinic is one of the centers that can help fill the need for this age group.

Another strong facet of Heartland Health is the Heartland Foundation. The Heartland Foundation works to build a healthier community here in the northwest region of Missouri. The Foundation offers financial support and good quality of life guidance through community revitalization efforts, scholarships to promote optimal health, and educational programs. Some of their financial assistance has helped school health programs, substance abuse prevention, and assistance for those suffering from mental health issues.

The Foundation also helps meet medical and health needs in our community through youth.  EmpowerU is an entire building where youth visit to learn how to engage their brain in strategy, new ideas, and wise choices. While Heartland Health focuses on the best medical treatments for its patients, it also strives to make the community healthy in their entire lifestyle. Heartland knows that healthy communities are thriving communities with a stronger workforce and citizens that strive for a quality of life that helps them welcome each day.