Northwest Health Services Cares For The Local Community

Having a health center nearby your home is a comfort and a great convenience. For residents that live in rural areas, this is especially true. When the nearest medical help is miles away in larger cities, broken bones and illnesses might not get the immediate attention they need. Thanks to Northwest Health Services, the smaller communities surrounding St. Joseph are getting the healthcare they need.

NWH 1Northwest Health Services helps serve both St.   Joseph residents and the residents in the smaller surrounding towns. Offices throughout the northwest region are nestled among the agricultural communities and serve a population of approximately 275,000 people in 15 counties. Offices in counties such as Andrew, Buchanan, Caldwell, Gentry, Harrison, and Holt reach out to the neighborhoods where they are situated.

Northwest Health Services was founded in an attempt to keep physicians in small communities. Reminiscent of pioneer doctors that used to be just down the street and that used to make house calls, having a physician’s office in a small community makes it stronger and makes health care more personal. Thirty years ago, in HoltCounty, a community feared that when they lost their local aging physicians that they would lose that personal contact with a trusted health provider. In order to retain community-driven health services, they brought together individual practitioners to develop a CommunityHealthCenter that became Northwest Health Services.

The uniqueness in Northwest Health Services is its resolute focus on its community members. It is a patient-centered, community-owned, non-profit organization that is governed by a board of volunteers. Over half the board members are patients of Northwest Health Services. Advice from community members and patients helps tailor the needs for the community. These health providers want to know their community, understand the needs of their community, and reach out to them.

Northwest Health Services accepts all patients, regardless of whether or not they have insurance. They offer reduced cost care for some patients who are challenged by the costs of healthcare. Northwest Health Services strives for excellence in innovation and service to their customers. They aim to provide compassionate care in a safe and healing environment.

Northwest Health Services facilities are multiplying and expanding throughout the northwest Missouri counties. While the organization started off as purely health services, some offices now offer dental care. Providing better and more extensive care for their community is part of their vision. Through collaboration with other providers such as Heartland Health (now Mosaic Care), Northwest Health Services helps their patients be supported throughout their various healthcare procedures and ongoing care.

Having a neighborhood health care center makes a community stronger—both in character and in health. Smaller community health care offices, like the ones provided by Northwest Health Services keep healthcare personal, compassionate, and trustworthy. Knowing that your doctor is competent is essential, but knowing that he or she also truly cares about you is heart-warming and health-giving.